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Adel is a Seoul-based branding and marketing agency that understands what it takes for visionary companies to deliver the results.  The sleepless nights it takes to create, innovate, compete, and grow.  Becoming great is never easy. Let us help you build  the brand story that is easy and engaging for your customers and investors alike--so you can stay focused on what you do best. 


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News, reinvented.

Publish is a blockchain-based digital media platform startup quickly becoming an award-winning household name within the mainstream media industry. 

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Lasting legacy on blockchain.

Delegacy enables clients to protect authenticity & ownership of their valuable assets. Learn how we helped Delegacy build trust for the digital age.

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Investment as it should be.

IBTRADE is an alternative investment company re branded as a global investment powerhouse as they reinvent and expand to digital assets, offering entirely new breed of asset class.

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Purple Swan

Creating an infinite value. 

Purple Swan is a content planning solution company based in Seoul, organizing top events and designing solutions to make a lasting impression.

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We deliver your innovation to the world. To your crowd of men and women who will fall in love with what you have braved your way to hone. Show us your craft, and diamond it becomes. Adel is where your inspiration and hard work finally pays off.